YSL Make Up Store Back in Town!

Song of the Day“The Sore Feet Song” by Ally Keer (OST Mushishi)



Finally!!!!!!  Its BACCCCKKKKK in ION!

Am so glad to see one of my favourite make up brands having its own standalone store in Singapore to compete with the rest! This brand did a disappearing act for the last few years, I wonder why. I totally miss its gold sleek make-up packaging especially what they did for the Touche Blush! The unique design with its shimmery pink blush can just make a grown-up girl fill with so much excitement!

Anyway, overheard in the store spoken by a 40s aunty to the sales attendent “Where did you guys go? I can’t find this lipstick anywhere and finally bought one in Korea..”  pfftttt……   talk about passion.  Dear madam, you’re fortunate to travel to get your make-up fix,  how about me who has not been travelling for the last few years and just have to look forlornly at the expired touche blush casing?

Anyway, welcome back YSL.Hope you stay for a longer period this time round.



In the sea of guccis, pradas and louis vuittons bags, this brand Celine is hardly seen around. Is it the simple and plain design that discourages one from spending too much in a Celine?

Well, the latest spring summer 2011 bags collection definitely do catch my eyes, especially this bag. It’s beautiful, light, almost so light that you question whether it will sag after putting a laptop and other stuff in it? Will it?

In the meantime, I’m settling for this hard-to-find gorgeous mustard yellow colour block iPhone case that comes in lux lambskin. Just don’t ask me what am I going to do with it when I change my iPhone alright?


Nodame Cantabile

“Nodame Nodame Nodame…” 

Weird..this has been happening to me for the last few days…

Have been chanting these words out of nowhere..Am i going mad? 

I guess it’s the subconscious mind that takes control, before I know it, I have strolled into Kinokuniya one afternoon and found myself buying the on-going series Nodame Cantabile by Tomoko Ninomiya! 

Well, it’s not really an impulsive buy, I’ve been reading it and it kind of appeals to me with its various mention of different Classical pieces, and its musical terms.  As a piano student once myself, I can really relate to it.  The struggles that one have to go through for being ‘almost perfect’ for a piece, and there are other students who can’t read notes or tone-deaf and can’t sing accurately.. 

 The Story :  Shinichi Chiaki is an arrogant &  talented top student (in piano & violin)  in the music university, but he dreams of being a conductor one day.  With a fear of flying, he was grounded in Japan and he wonders whether he can reach his dreams one day. After a fight with his teacher, he was being ‘demoted’ to a reject class and became Nodame’s classmate! 

       Nodame or Megumi Noda is a prodigy who can play a whole masterpiece from memory just be listening to it once.  Being a genius, & like all genius, she don’t care about anything else but Music and music, and more music!! (or maybe food?!)  A meeting between the two of them meeting is like a meeting of 2 extreme personalities – one is a neat freak, the other is a dirty slob. Will this lead to disasters? Or more like a Match made in heaven?   Continue reading

ManGo – Costs & Effects

MANGO – Co$t & EffEct$

As a self-declared die-hard Mango sale Fan (of few years’ status), have gladly took leave to join in the MangO binnually sale..!

Co$T & EffEct$

  1. Waking up earlier than usual in the morning
  2. Got a hole in the pocket, as expected ( but not as bad as previous years!)
  3. Got really bad foot-ache/sole ache, due to wearing High Heel shoes (aka WRONG TYPE) of shoes ..somebody slap my face pleeessssssssse..
  4. FOUR Coffee Sessions, due to bad shoes again! 1st coffee session started just right after only ONE mango store..(poor stamina)
  5. Cab Fare – Too much Stuff too carry + bad foot ache
  6. Mentally Stress out – too much stuff to buy, but too little money! (sob..sob..)
  7. Feet Ache that resulted not even able to WALK at home!

Conclusion : sale was still kind of worth it…but not as great as previous sales. Learnt my lesson, next time wear slippers or proper shoes. But on the other hand..thought is a good thing to have coffee out in the Cafes on a weekday morning when you’re supposed to be working!!



The Sale I’ve been waiting for iS Finally Here!

Tomorrow’s the day..where I’ll be squeezing with whole loads of other MangO ‘Siao'(translate: Crazy) gals out there in the stores.
Remember the last few sales…that was complete madness..squeeze squeeze squeeze!!!! The 1st sale was actually came out in the news …considering it a ‘rare’ sight in the period of economy downturn then with retrenchments everywhere. Women are actually squeezing through the narrow stores just to grab the items…Sometimes, it feels like almost all the whole SGP female society is down there.

In case, you don’t know..i’ll be on leave for the Sale. Yes!!!! can or not? 😛

My friends wondered why i would want to take leave for such a sale! but somehow, after some time, they finally figured out why. Try showing up in the stores after 3 days, & you’re practically left with the not-so-attractive items. …oooooh…heart pain ok!

Anyway, I’ll be there to catch a bit of action!

if you see me busying away & ignoring you…Hey! pardon ME! I need to put 100% concentration to GRAB my fav items!

Saturday NighT Fever

Was scheduled for a full day work on a Saturday.
Majorly upset! Can’t believe it…that means I left with only 1 poor sunday to rest!!
Decide to fully utilise the night…went on a christmas shopping spree!
(Great for those who’ll be receiving for me yah?!)

Decided to check out the ‘permanent’ eyeliner by Anna Sui.
Can you imagine, this eyeliner actually stayed on like a permanent marker on my friend’s face till the next morning..in 1 neat line..after a HEN’s NIGHT out!!                                   was totally impressed…this eyeliner must have some ‘ingredients’ as close to a ‘marker’.

In the end..was so enticed by the freebies – the cute organiser. I ended up buying the marker..oops, THE EYELINER, blue mascara, & shiny turqoise nail polish..Hey, this is the party season..isnt’ that justifiable to buy such cute staff?
Damage Summary