Death Note – The Last Name


Death Note – The Last Name

Is going to be screened here on the 28 Dec 06! !

Great! This is one of the shows I’m looking forward to.  Have already watched the First Deathnote movie in the screens.  I wonder whether will this be as good as the 1st one.  Apparantly, Deathnote is still the #1 in Japan Box Office. This gives me more reason to catch it!

Looking forward to see Misa Misa in action! Her crush on Light really the cause of all troubles.  Even Light, aka Kira,  has a hard time dealing with her, since, a-hem,              she’s equally matched in terms of power.  To deal with someone with such a high IQ, you will need a L.

 I would expect some scenes to be different from the manga, since the first Deathnote movie showed L & Light becoming partners straight away, which wasn’t as straight forward as in the Death Note manga.

They miss out one of the more interesting scenes in the manga where L came very close to Light & actually sat squatting in an exam seat behind Him! Really Un- nerving!  I guess for this round – we’ll be seeing more of how L & Kira try to catch the 2nd ‘Kira’.

 I wonder what it means to have the last name? Will there by any more DeathNote movies after this? Can hardly wait! Will update again!


Deathnote The Movie デスノート

Deathnote デスノート-

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The Jap show of this year!

The Experience

Deathnote fanatics will identify with these actions :
1) Read the manga
2) Collect the Deathnote Collectables
3) Catch the previews of Deathnote Movie
4) Follow by Deathnote anime

Whats the craze for this? Outsiders cannot never understand.
First they can’t get this correct : L, Kira, Light? who is who??
I thought that is really funny..especially when I tried to explain to people what is the show about.
The local channels have advertised it, or the trailer has presented it as a Horror genre show, which is totally untrue!

Anyway, finally get to see this show in a neighbourhood cinema. It is a full house on a weekday, filled with school kids – mostly secondary students, college students, university students. Totally impressed, isn’t now the exam period? Don’t they need to study? Maybe is the dark side of the show that totally draws us in.

The Movie

The beginning was kind of slow..the pace only starts to pick up when L and the FBI starts to come in to find Raito. For the fans, its like watching what you have read in action – the potato chips, the clues in the letter, the train scene. We can even catch a preview of Misa Misa in the show..or maybe the beginning of Misa? There was some slight deviation in the show from the manga, but it did not derail too much from the nature of the manga, if not i guess i’ll be the one making the most noise in the scene.

L is totally depicted as what he was – squatting on the chair, sloppy, black eye rings, playing with cubes of sugar… OK, i think i almost cringe when there’s this part where he has donuts, pastries on a stick… like lollipop style..Diabetes alert!
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Its only TALK

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               Part of the 19th International Film Fest…, this won the Best Asian Film Award for 2006.

A Japanese show that talks about a single, umemployed, manic depressiveYuko and her encounters with a university friend, a self-confessed pervert,a manic depressive yuzaka, and her cousin, Sochi.

Sochi came to visit, after leaving his family and being dumped by his lover..& ended up taking care of Yuko.  Sochi is suffering from another form of depression as well….one of the favourite moments in the show was when Yuko discover that the man, Sochi, can actually do housework well.  But why don’t he help out at home at all? Why?!  Mainly it’s due to the fact that he’s depressed at home & don’t feel like doing any of these things…In the end, he leftYuko & return to his family to start life again?!! Continue reading

Constant Gardener – A Case of Undying LOve

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Constant Gardener – A case of undying love?

Finally caught this oscar nominated show over the weekend..

The biggest draw-factor is none other than Ralph Finenes. This bittersweet actor has got my attention for his memorable roles in ‘TheEnglish Patient’, ‘The End of The Affair’. His eyes seem to convey those despondent moments without fail…like Tony Leung in ‘The Mood for Love’.

Summary : Constant Gardener is about a guy looking for answers to his wife’s death.everything in this movie is a mystery. There is the political  world involved, the local prejudice, etc.

After this, we’ll be left wondering why does such things happen in other parts of the world?  why would people have this kind of marriage? why would someone die for fighting justice? why is there so much unfairness in the world?

This is a really dark depressing movie.. I end up feeling kind of useless at the end of the show, knowing that things like this is still undergoing in other parts ofthe world…Life is cheap, they say.

As for romance factor, the English Patient still wins hands down. However,comparing this with Brokeback Mountain & Syriana in the Oscar Nomination 2006, I thought this show is a really  beautiful masterpiece.

Crying out LOve In the center Of the World


One of the few Japanese Drama that I finally have the patience to sat down and watch.

Crying Out Love in the Center of the World  is one of the Japanese series of this year – that is a must watch.  It has won quite a number of Tv awards in Japan, and is  quite hyped show over there. I finally caught this on SCV Ch 56 few weeks ago. 

A heart wrenching drama which talks about a present 34 yr old Matsumoto reminisince on his past and the loss of his true love Hirose Akira in high school 17 years ago……….   Each episode started off with him looking back into the past and wondering how to move on.  This drama is almost similar to the ‘tear jerking’ korean drama series shown recently.  It’s quite rare to see Jap drama with such storyline, except a few.  

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