Manga – For Sale!

Time to part away with some manga which I know I’ve outgrown them.  Need to make space for new series although having a bookcase of 3/4 filled with manga never fail to give puzzling looks on relatives and friends who visited my home. Hohoho…the worst and neverending complaint would be from my mum.

Anyway, here’s the list. Note they are mostly in CHINESE, mainly published by Tongli or Chuangyi, unless stated otherwise. They are already listed in ebay and I think I’m able to ship overseas, but do leave a message here to enquire about overseas rates and more details as payment is by Paypal only. Will update more pictures and manga later on.


1) Koukou Debut

2) Chains of Love by Shinjo Mayu (1 Volume Complete)

3) Sex = Love 2 by Shinjo Mayu (2 Volumes Complete) – Sold

4) Blaue Rosen by Shinjo Mayu

5) Hot Gimmick by Miki Aihara (12 Volumes Complete)

6) Tonari no Shugoshin (2 Volumes Complete), Triple Kiss (2 Vols Complete), Hikitateyaku no Koi by Ako Shimaki

7) Seduction More Beautiful than Love (Vol 4 & 5 only) by Lee Hyeon Soek

8) H20 by Hwang Sook Ji

9) Nightmare after School by Setona Mizushiro (Complete)

10) 100% PErfect Girl by Wann (Vol 1-8 ongoing In English)

11) Nodame Cantabile (Vol 1-24)

12) Ludwig Kakumei by Kaori Yuki (Vol 1-4 Complete)

13) Love Letters (Vol 1 & 2), Heibon Punch (Vol 1-4), Oboreru Knife (Vol 1 -6) by George Asakura

Shonen Series

1) Switch by Naked Ape

2) Dolls by Naked Ape

3) Illustration Book by Naked Ape

4) Chobits by Clamp (8 volume Complete)

5) Tactics (Vol 1-9 ongoing)

6) Basilisk (Vol 1-5 Complete)

Yaoi Series

1) Name of Love by Miyamato Kano (in Japanese)

2) Yebisu Celebrities by Fuwa Shinri (Vol 1 – 4)

3) Empty Heart by Minase Masara (Vol 1 Complete)

4) Totally Captivated (Vol 1-5 in English) – sold

5) To Love a Man like Him by Honjou Rie (Vol 1 complete)