Spooky tales..

Halloween is getting near and I suddenly recalled one of the more chilling amines I’ve watched this year, after a hiatus of… Almost 4 years! (Hooray for coming out of the cave!!)

My first trip to AkihabAra this year in March and I was greeted with this! 


How Cool!! At the JR station itself! My heart almost came out of my mouth just looking  at these hot,  visual kei looking guys. Made a mental note to check this out, and never regretted it. 

Ken is one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen in an anime, he’s shown as a nice guy in the beginning, but seems to have fallen, and fallen further and further and further into the darkness. A total main character who does not remain goody two shoes all the way.  That’s what real human behavior are. No one is perfect. There’s always a dark side to everyone. No fairy tale endings, that’s what made it so good. 

Have to admit the  storyline is so brilliant, who’s the mangaka? I’ve never even heard of him before and he scores with this?! Wow! 

The series is morbid enough to thrill, but I’m not that sure I like him being a brainwashed dove, just hoping more of his original personality will emerge later. 

Since it has been confirmed there’s a Season 3 in 2016, I hope it keeps close to the story. Let’s pray for more  “Gory”! 


The Homeless Salaryman by Ima Ichiko

Was trying my luck to see if censorship works for online yaoi manga, and it din! It’s the genre that is censored, in case you are wondering. 

Perfect delivery! Just what I was waiting for. 

Two quite unknown series in the yaoi world by Ima Ichiko – “The Mysterious Story of Ghost Moon Tower” and “The Homeless Salaryman”, that finally landed on my lap.! 

“The Ghost Tower” is quite close to the series of “Hayyaki Yakoushoi” with its genre of ghost and mystery, and the 2 male leads fumbling around solving mysteries with their half baked love. 

“The Homeless Salaryman” – young man who is almost a loser, and second guessing whether ‘did he, or not’ with a one night stand, while being reduced to being a lived-in housekeeper, a job found by his Senpai. Now, is there even a hint of a love triangle? Even by the end of the first volume, there’s no clear answer on whether did anything really happen!

I wonder what makes her series appealling – is it the subtle comical liners, or the way how she drawn out the situation? Think “Otona no Mondai” which has a funny depiction of events.

Hopefully one day, some groups can finally pick it up. 

From 5 to 9 (Miki Aihara)

Song of the Day – “My Way” by Paul Anka while I’m writing this.


Am reading the latest series from Miki Aihara -5-ji kara 9-ji made! I actually bought the manga without knowing what it is, at this low period where i don’t know what shoujo should i be reading next.

She was always writing all these harem themes that after a while it got predictable (e.g. So Bad! Hot Gimmick, Honey Hunt ), and yeah, blame me for still reading them even though I kind of know how the ending will be. Teacher’s Pet was juicy in a way but that is another story.

‘From 5 to 9’ is a refreshing change, at least I don’t see any harem romance coming up in a way yet.  It is more josei, written to target young working girls who are faced with the dilemma of getting married at the ‘xxx’ date. 3 girls form the main leads in this series. I can totally see this being a drama series since it’s quite ‘real’.

My favourite couple in this series is actually Momoe and Arthur. Maybe I can relate to this particular hobby of hers. You must read to find out what exactly it is.  Anyway, I like the above cover, set in the Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter party backdrop, and just peeve that we don’t get to see such covers in the tankobon. Credits to the chinese team who did this.

Flash of Lighting!


A good plot!

Kawaii Characters!

Humour! Action! Romance!

What have I been reading for the last few years? I’ve actually missed out such an awesome series!!! This is definetely a good change from the usual shonen of Naruto and Bleach – the forever series as I reckon i’ll be in my mid 40s when it end.

Totally love the strong plotline, which is rare for shonen which forever seems to be either focusing on different skills, becoming stronger, beating up the bad guys usual plot etc. Now I can see why it won the Shonen Series award. Only peeve, i wished Kekkaishi is a longer series.


Boku no Yasashii Oniisan by Ima Ichiko

After taking such a long break from reading manga, it’s always refreshing to touch on something that makes you wonder ” what the hell have i been doing for the last few months”.

Chanced upon Boku no Yasashii Oniisan or My Gentle Brother while trying to see are there any scanlations by Ima Ichiko. It’s really rare to see her works being translated these days or even on a regular basis, either it’s not yaoi enough or just not enough romance. Her works are beautiful, maybe just missing those juicy bits that makes scanlators want to do it “Rgight now!!! “.

My Gentle Brother is about 2 siblings almost having a one night stand without knowing they were siblings, falling in love, and trying their best (or not) to keep away from each other. Their efforts were not the most unbelievable things that you could think of and its funny just to think of how things were being narrated in the story.

I’m dying to know more and it’s frustrating to know that only 1 chapter (1! not a volume) was being translated only, and the rest is just skimping through raws with no idea what exactly is happening, esp. when there’s a 3rd guy appearing. Is he one of their kind too?  Anyway, just wondering does anyone knows where I can find the raws from Vol 4 onwards – any language is fine.

Savage Garden by Lee Hyeon Sook

After the controversial Flowers of Evil , I am soooo eager to read Savage Garden. The title implies wild beastly behaviour and maybe some more incestous relationships?! Probably???!  *eyes gleam*

Turns out it’s  NOT. It’s about a girl Gabriel who impersonates her dead friend’s identity to study in a prestigious boys school where it’s filled with brats, not one, but lots of them. It’s your typical gender bender story with the usual yaoiness and love confusion thrown in here and there. There are some hot scenes in the first few volumes,  between Gabriel and one of the brothers – Euan.  I wish her identity was discovered by Euan and figured how disastrous it would be for Euan to discover his usual taste turns out to be a girl. Hahaha.

Thanks to JanimeS, I get to read this series.  Its enjoyable in the beginning but ends up flat on your face. Am disappointed with the ending or maybe I’m just bias.  It’s as if the mangaka rushed through the ending, probably another new series in the making ? Hopefully.

Kurobara Alice by Setona Mizushiro

Being a Setona sensei’s fan, I always watch out for her new series.  Kurobara Alice has a good combination of romance, tragedy, vampires and weirdo factors. It’s about a group of vampires dying to breed and looking for the perfect mate.  The setting of the story begins in old English era and moves to modern Tokyo, how Dimitri the main lead, and his troop looks for their partner.  The whole mating process is not the usual vampire ‘i bite you and you become one’ ,  it’s actually much more interesting although can be kind of confusing in the beginning.

I just hope the ending for this series don’t turn out of this world as her Nightmare After School (another strange series) left me feeling  kind of disappointed. I just had so high hopes for this series, especially when the story and artwork has greatly improved from her earlier series.  You can check out the series at Aerandrias. Its thanks to them that I read the 1st chapter and is totally hooked!