A Bed Of Roses

ImageIt’s funny. After such a long absense from here, one even forgotten how and where to log in to the wordpress. That’s what babies do to you. Life’s busy..and there’s another addition to the family who just joined this Jun!

Sometimes I wonder what is life? Is it about dressing up, meeting that special someone, settling down and having a family? Is that what our lives are about? I kind of missed those days where we hang out after work for dinner and drinks, or those late sleep ins with weekend brunches with best girl boy friends.



Should i blog? Edit pictures? Sell my stuff? Watch FMA? So many things to do, so little time left.  And just when I”m about to return to work in less than a week’s time, it just makes me want to grab onto anything that i should have done during my maternity leave.

My babymoon period with my 4 month old is almost over. Weep, Cry, I’m gonna miss the time I spent with her, listening to her ‘ah cooooos’ ‘ah pooooos’ ‘wahhhhhh’. Meh >.<