Reflections for 2006

           Every time around this year, I’m always doing this… 

I Did Not :

  • Travel to anywhere (not for work and leisure at all! )

  • Finish any Drama series in one sitting! (just a few episodes here & there)

  • Splurge on any branded bags (no
    Louis Vuitton or Gucci or Prada bags/wallets)

  • Party till I puke badly..or suffer from any alcohol poisoning

I Did :

  • Read & bought a lot of Manga

  • Bought and followed closely with some Anime

  • Started dabbling with a few scanlations

  • Became more vocal and expressing my displeasure with low service standards

  • Officially become an aunty when my cousin gave birth recently (*Congrats*)

  • Checked out some nice wine drinking places (Wine Company  & Wine Network at Dempsey Road, Villa Bali near Alexandra Road, Loof at Odeon Towers near Raffles Hotel) 

  • Discovered new restaurants ( Greenwood Fish Bistro & Market ) and others at Greenwood Avenue.  Totally fall in love with the ambience of the whole stretch, minus the hefty prices for some of them.

    Alright, that sums it up for now.


Friday Lunch

               “Hey, Its Friday! Let’s have a good lunch”…

        My collegue was in such a good mood, after returning from an isolated country trip, and he needed some really good food to make up for the loss……the first question that came to my mind is..

‘Don’t we need to work?’

‘Oh, your boss is around?’

i gave up..cos Boss is on Hiatus too…i was more worried about returning late..

         We ended up at Corduroy and Finch…..I was hoping for a better experience this time.  I came here twice last year – and had incidents that made me rather piss.  First visit – the beef steak is served lukewarm, not hot, or even warm!  2nd visit, i ordered the lambshank dish – which was supposedly one of their specialities.  Somehow, it just dosen’t taste right.  Maybe it’s done in a rush? I’m not sure…all i can remember was i was swearing off this place forever then! No matter how good their desserts are!

         For today, i decided to lower my expectations and get something light instead. Ordered a Mediterrian Platter and their Crab cream soup… Hmm…the Crap soup is still as yummy as ever, this is one of their best sellers.  The Meditterian Platter is quite good too – with the mix of different seafood, but it comes with a hefy price.    With a  nice quiet environment on a Friday lunch time & great company today, somehow, this place seems to be better than the last time I was here?

            However, personally, I felt that this place is kind of over hyped, and my friends were kind of disappointed with some of the main dishes during the last visit.  The only good thing here is the desserts and the ambience.  I kind of like the interiors – it looks really cosy – especially at night with its dim light & woody feel. 

 Well, the ‘fantastic’ part is that they have this steps leading to the 2nd storey…the steps look suspiciously narrow and failing the building requirements.  The climacophobic in me was hoping i don’t miss a step and fall down flat in front of everyone’s views!

               On the ground floor, they have this Merchandise section – selling utensils, egg holders, cat designs kettles etc.  & delicious Take-away cakes on the ground floor.  Really i thought, maybe this will do better as a cafe than a restaurant? Hmmm, I think i’ll consider coming back in future for its desserts though.  Unless I’m a ‘Ah siah Kiah’ (aka Rich Man’s son) .

p.s. I think I need to get a camera really really soon..

Ikoi Vs Hanabi

Valentine’s Day started with a 3-some lunch at Ikoi Restaurant @ Miramar Hotel (off Havelock Road)

Spur of a moment – decided to eat at Ikoi for lunch. No surprise, it was fully booked as usual.
So ended up sitting at the bar..  What a waste, there was no kawaii chef to drool at. 

So I ended up having full concentration on the food instead – chawamushi, sashimi, ebi tempura…all my favourtive, & sushi is nothing without Sake.  Of course, some wise ‘ass’ in the group ordered Hot Sake in such a hot weather?! Well, it’s my 1st time trying sake, just thought it taste like volka, thought it’ll taste better if it’s cooler ;D

         Next stop, next day – ended up at Hanabi Restaurant @ Odeon Towers (near City Hall). The range is not as expansive as Ikoi.  Besides sashimi,everything comes with something else, such as ebi tempura comes with veggie tempura.This is certainly a drawback for me since i’m kind of anti-veggie. And the Soft-shell crab comes with rice…er…how does one eat buffet if i’ve to stuff myself with rice? But my friends are commenting, that only Hanabi serves grilled fish,chicken etc.  Maybe they’re right, but seriously, I can’t imagine eating cooked food, or chicken in a Jap restaurant (= personal prejudice, i know)      

As my favourite motto goes, since in jap restuarant, must do what the Jap do! – have some Sake of course!  First, we have a disappointing 14% sake, hence decided to try something else. We ended up choosing a ladies’ drink called ‘mei jiu’, otherwise known as plum juice .  This is a ladies ladies drink served in a bottle equivalent to a 250ml small sized evian, with large bottle of water, with lemon slices, plums & ice at the side. What’s that for? mixing??! Cos there’s  no indication of any % on the bottle thou.     The ‘ya ya’ factor in us- decided to try this MeiJiu plain without any mix!! Whoooaaa! Big Mistake!! It is 40% strong !!!  With a potential ‘red’ flags hanging over our heads,  we ended up mixing everything in.. We have totally underestimated the power of a small potent drink  called ‘Ichiigo‘  (* not strawberry). If we have it plained and not stirred, we would have been knocked out cold.