Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami


       After months of reading manga, I finally manage to read this highly recommended book Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

         A troubled love story about life, death, suicides and depression.  A story about a growing young man Toru and how his life change when his best friend died, changing both his life and the deceased’s girlfriend Naoko’s life as well.  And how Naoko who can’t cope with his death became depressed, ended in a mental sanatorium, which eventually led to her death.

          I totally adores the narrative manner that Murakami wrote this, in a simple way that clearly bring out the characters’ complicating thoughts and emotions.  It reflects the society’s looks on affairs and relationships quite well and it goes through the notions of how helpless one can feel when loved ones are suffering from depression. This is a book that can get you down..but  I think that’s one of the best reads  for me so far. …hmm…maybe i’m just a lover for depressing reads…

         Anyway, I’m currently reading another one by him called Dance Dance Dance slowly though.  

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