Spooky tales..

Halloween is getting near and I suddenly recalled one of the more chilling amines I’ve watched this year, after a hiatus of… Almost 4 years! (Hooray for coming out of the cave!!)

My first trip to AkihabAra this year in March and I was greeted with this! 


How Cool!! At the JR station itself! My heart almost came out of my mouth just looking  at these hot,  visual kei looking guys. Made a mental note to check this out, and never regretted it. 

Ken is one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen in an anime, he’s shown as a nice guy in the beginning, but seems to have fallen, and fallen further and further and further into the darkness. A total main character who does not remain goody two shoes all the way.  That’s what real human behavior are. No one is perfect. There’s always a dark side to everyone. No fairy tale endings, that’s what made it so good. 

Have to admit the  storyline is so brilliant, who’s the mangaka? I’ve never even heard of him before and he scores with this?! Wow! 

The series is morbid enough to thrill, but I’m not that sure I like him being a brainwashed dove, just hoping more of his original personality will emerge later. 

Since it has been confirmed there’s a Season 3 in 2016, I hope it keeps close to the story. Let’s pray for more  “Gory”!