Spooky tales..

Halloween is getting near and I suddenly recalled one of the more chilling amines I’ve watched this year, after a hiatus of… Almost 4 years! (Hooray for coming out of the cave!!)

My first trip to AkihabAra this year in March and I was greeted with this! 


How Cool!! At the JR station itself! My heart almost came out of my mouth just looking  at these hot,  visual kei looking guys. Made a mental note to check this out, and never regretted it. 

Ken is one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen in an anime, he’s shown as a nice guy in the beginning, but seems to have fallen, and fallen further and further and further into the darkness. A total main character who does not remain goody two shoes all the way.  That’s what real human behavior are. No one is perfect. There’s always a dark side to everyone. No fairy tale endings, that’s what made it so good. 

Have to admit the  storyline is so brilliant, who’s the mangaka? I’ve never even heard of him before and he scores with this?! Wow! 

The series is morbid enough to thrill, but I’m not that sure I like him being a brainwashed dove, just hoping more of his original personality will emerge later. 

Since it has been confirmed there’s a Season 3 in 2016, I hope it keeps close to the story. Let’s pray for more  “Gory”! 


Flash of Lighting!


A good plot!

Kawaii Characters!

Humour! Action! Romance!

What have I been reading for the last few years? I’ve actually missed out such an awesome series!!! This is definetely a good change from the usual shonen of Naruto and Bleach – the forever series as I reckon i’ll be in my mid 40s when it end.

Totally love the strong plotline, which is rare for shonen which forever seems to be either focusing on different skills, becoming stronger, beating up the bad guys usual plot etc. Now I can see why it won the Shonen Series award. Only peeve, i wished Kekkaishi is a longer series.


Haru No Katami by Chitose Hajime

One of my personal favourites. This ED is jussstttt so perfect to be the ED of Bake Neko (one of the 3 spooky stories) in the anime Ayakashi Japanese Horror, befitting this tragic story. Every time I listen to this song, I’m so immersed in her voice. The way she sings is just totally special.

On a side note, out of the 3 stories, Bake Neko is very unique in itself, a different kind of animation is used which gives it a more colourful  and rich background.  I’m not good at describing the animation but the preview of it can be seen in this ED.

p.s. Haru No Katami appears at the end of each Ayakashi episode, but it suits Bake Neko ending best.


The coolest thing that has ever happened on TV recently is the free sceening of Animax to all SCV subscribers.

Animax used to be avaliable to subscribers only.  I  wonder who on earth would pay to watch outdated or maybe childish anime series?  Maybe I’m too old for most series, but Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Inuyasha the Ending is definetely worth watching free (even though we were watching the later episodes).

The boo about having Animax now is the ending of these 2 series which just left a lull in my life . Meh. Hopefully Animax is able to get some good anime soon and what seemed like a gimmick is here to stay for good. *fingers cross*

And yes, this is part of the reason why I’m back here again :p

Darker than Black OST – Kuro no Keiyakusha Gekiban


Waiting…waiting…This is one of those rare moments that I have ever waited for an animation soundtrack.  The song that strikes me is the haunting tune at the end of episode 2, supposedly sung by Mai Yamane, as whispered  in the anime community.

Darker than Black Gekiban finally debuted on the 25 Jul 06, done by the famous Yoko Kanno, who apparently did many other famous anime soundtracks  such as Cowboy Bebob, and Ghost in the Shell. I feel like a total noob for not having hear about her before!  

Track List  

  1. GO Dark
  2. HOWLING(TV size) by Abingdon Boys School

  3. ハイヒールラナウェイ (High Heel Runaway)

  4. Tenderly

  5. シド (Shido / Visibility)

  6. Was

  7. Outside 

  8. No Ones Home by 山根麻以 (Mai Yamane)

  9. Guy

  10. ScatCat by 山根麻以 (Mai Yamane)

  11. ケイヤクシャ (Keiyakusha / Contractor)

  12. Shadow

  13. クロ (Kuro / Black)

  14. Deadly Work lyrics by James Wendt

  15. テンタイカンソク (Tentaikansoku / Astronomical Observation)

  16. BlueCat

  17. ツキアカリ (Tsukiakari / Moonlight) TV size ver. by Rie fu)

  18. Water Forest

  19. Blend in lyrics by James Wendt

  20. インのピアノ (In no Piano/Yin’s Piano)    


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Honey and Clover (ハチミツとクローバー Hachimitsu to Kurōba)

          Created by Chikia Umino –  the title came about as the mangaka is inspired by these 2 albums – Hachimiitsu by Spitz and Clover by Suga Shikao.   

           Forget about a sweet mix of cocotion…2 spoons of honey and 2 spoons of clover and maybe you’ll end up getting something that is bittersweet … The same can be said of this series…a bittersweet realistic tale of the lives of these best buddies –  Takemoto, Mayama, Morita, Yamada, Hagu – who study in the same art university, live together, fall in love and their search for their true selves – what they want for themselves in the future.  It also offers a glimpse of life views through their eyes.

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Ergo Proxy

How do I end up with  Ergo Proxy ?

                 I have not been really sitting down in front of the TV and watching anime non-stop for few hours,  for almost a year. The ones that i closely followed was Blood+,  Honey & Clover, Ouran Host Club, Perfect Girl Evolution, and that is only like one episode per week?!

                The first few episodes of Ergo Proxy are quite impressive – dark, gloomy and mysterious.  Animes of this kind always seem to attract me..it reminds me of Blood+, filled with monsters and mystery. In Ergo Proxy, we have the Proxys, the Auto Reivs & a big big Mystery too. 

Story (taken from Wikipedia)

The story initially takes place in a futuristic dome city called Romondeo built to protect its citizens after global environmental apocalypse. In this utopia, humans and androids (AutoReivs) coexist with each other peacefully under a total management system. Behind the scenes, the government is conducting secret experiments on a mysterious creature called the Proxyy, which is believed to hold the key to the survival of mankind.

           The pace seems kind of slow, not sure why, but it don’t really bothers me yet.  I totally love how every thing is revealed to the audience bits and pieces, and not thrown in your face all at once.

The characters are interesting, but mostly of complex behaviours. 

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