About the Blog

It’s mostly about manga with some crazy moments of shopping and life.

About Moi

Am staying in a small sunny island in hot Asia. Currently juggling a full time job as a space planner and the rest of the time devoted to my family, kids, manga, and online stores.


This website first started out in 2005 as a place where I wanted a place to talk about the manga I read when I was in my 20s. There are too many manga info and download sites out there, but just not enough sites to talk about some not so mainstream or popular series. I was practically reading at least a volume a day thanks to a manga rental now defunct store that I used to patronise and I just want to rabble about what i read.

The absense of entries between year 2007 and 2010 is due to doing translations for ETC, administering a popular manga forum, getting married and having a baby. Am back and the interests may have slightly shifted to other stuff such as music, fashion and life. Anyway, share your thoughts here. Am curious what is happening in other parts of the world too.


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