The Homeless Salaryman by Ima Ichiko

Was trying my luck to see if censorship works for online yaoi manga, and it din! It’s the genre that is censored, in case you are wondering. 

Perfect delivery! Just what I was waiting for. 

Two quite unknown series in the yaoi world by Ima Ichiko – “The Mysterious Story of Ghost Moon Tower” and “The Homeless Salaryman”, that finally landed on my lap.! 

“The Ghost Tower” is quite close to the series of “Hayyaki Yakoushoi” with its genre of ghost and mystery, and the 2 male leads fumbling around solving mysteries with their half baked love. 

“The Homeless Salaryman” – young man who is almost a loser, and second guessing whether ‘did he, or not’ with a one night stand, while being reduced to being a lived-in housekeeper, a job found by his Senpai. Now, is there even a hint of a love triangle? Even by the end of the first volume, there’s no clear answer on whether did anything really happen!

I wonder what makes her series appealling – is it the subtle comical liners, or the way how she drawn out the situation? Think “Otona no Mondai” which has a funny depiction of events.

Hopefully one day, some groups can finally pick it up. 


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