YSL Make Up Store Back in Town!

Song of the Day“The Sore Feet Song” by Ally Keer (OST Mushishi)



Finally!!!!!!  Its BACCCCKKKKK in ION!

Am so glad to see one of my favourite make up brands having its own standalone store in Singapore to compete with the rest! This brand did a disappearing act for the last few years, I wonder why. I totally miss its gold sleek make-up packaging especially what they did for the Touche Blush! The unique design with its shimmery pink blush can just make a grown-up girl fill with so much excitement!

Anyway, overheard in the store spoken by a 40s aunty to the sales attendent “Where did you guys go? I can’t find this lipstick anywhere and finally bought one in Korea..”  pfftttt……   talk about passion.  Dear madam, you’re fortunate to travel to get your make-up fix,  how about me who has not been travelling for the last few years and just have to look forlornly at the expired touche blush casing?

Anyway, welcome back YSL.Hope you stay for a longer period this time round.


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