Boku no Yasashii Oniisan by Ima Ichiko

After taking such a long break from reading manga, it’s always refreshing to touch on something that makes you wonder ” what the hell have i been doing for the last few months”.

Chanced upon Boku no Yasashii Oniisan or My Gentle Brother while trying to see are there any scanlations by Ima Ichiko. It’s really rare to see her works being translated these days or even on a regular basis, either it’s not yaoi enough or just not enough romance. Her works are beautiful, maybe just missing those juicy bits that makes scanlators want to do it “Rgight now!!! “.

My Gentle Brother is about 2 siblings almost having a one night stand without knowing they were siblings, falling in love, and trying their best (or not) to keep away from each other. Their efforts were not the most unbelievable things that you could think of and its funny just to think of how things were being narrated in the story.

I’m dying to know more and it’s frustrating to know that only 1 chapter (1! not a volume) was being translated only, and the rest is just skimping through raws with no idea what exactly is happening, esp. when there’s a 3rd guy appearing. Is he one of their kind too?  Anyway, just wondering does anyone knows where I can find the raws from Vol 4 onwards – any language is fine.