Savage Garden by Lee Hyeon Sook

After the controversial Flowers of Evil , I am soooo eager to read Savage Garden. The title implies wild beastly behaviour and maybe some more incestous relationships?! Probably???!  *eyes gleam*

Turns out it’s  NOT. It’s about a girl Gabriel who impersonates her dead friend’s identity to study in a prestigious boys school where it’s filled with brats, not one, but lots of them. It’s your typical gender bender story with the usual yaoiness and love confusion thrown in here and there. There are some hot scenes in the first few volumes,  between Gabriel and one of the brothers – Euan.  I wish her identity was discovered by Euan and figured how disastrous it would be for Euan to discover his usual taste turns out to be a girl. Hahaha.

Thanks to JanimeS, I get to read this series.  Its enjoyable in the beginning but ends up flat on your face. Am disappointed with the ending or maybe I’m just bias.  It’s as if the mangaka rushed through the ending, probably another new series in the making ? Hopefully.