Haru No Katami by Chitose Hajime

One of my personal favourites. This ED is jussstttt so perfect to be the ED of Bake Neko (one of the 3 spooky stories) in the anime Ayakashi Japanese Horror, befitting this tragic story. Every time I listen to this song, I’m so immersed in her voice. The way she sings is just totally special.

On a side note, out of the 3 stories, Bake Neko is very unique in itself, a different kind of animation is used which gives it a more colourful  and rich background.  I’m not good at describing the animation but the preview of it can be seen in this ED.

p.s. Haru No Katami appears at the end of each Ayakashi episode, but it suits Bake Neko ending best.


Kurobara Alice by Setona Mizushiro

Being a Setona sensei’s fan, I always watch out for her new series.  Kurobara Alice has a good combination of romance, tragedy, vampires and weirdo factors. It’s about a group of vampires dying to breed and looking for the perfect mate.  The setting of the story begins in old English era and moves to modern Tokyo, how Dimitri the main lead, and his troop looks for their partner.  The whole mating process is not the usual vampire ‘i bite you and you become one’ ,  it’s actually much more interesting although can be kind of confusing in the beginning.

I just hope the ending for this series don’t turn out of this world as her Nightmare After School (another strange series) left me feeling  kind of disappointed. I just had so high hopes for this series, especially when the story and artwork has greatly improved from her earlier series.  You can check out the series at Aerandrias. Its thanks to them that I read the 1st chapter and is totally hooked!


In the sea of guccis, pradas and louis vuittons bags, this brand Celine is hardly seen around. Is it the simple and plain design that discourages one from spending too much in a Celine?

Well, the latest spring summer 2011 bags collection definitely do catch my eyes, especially this bag. It’s beautiful, light, almost so light that you question whether it will sag after putting a laptop and other stuff in it? Will it?

In the meantime, I’m settling for this hard-to-find gorgeous mustard yellow colour block iPhone case that comes in lux lambskin. Just don’t ask me what am I going to do with it when I change my iPhone alright?