Old Manga

Hmm..just when I feel like writing something, WordPress is slow. What a bummer >.<

My love for manga has not waned yet…Looking back, it’s been almost 5 years since I first watched my first anime Inuyasha (sailormoon isn’t counted since it did not kick off any addicition) and started seriously reading Bleach. Now, after such a long span, I’ve actually accumulated quite a number of series and am wondering what to do with them, esp. since i’ve outgrown them – Naruto, Bleach, Deathnote Tactics, Vampire Knight, Koukou Debut to name a few. They took up so much of my space tat i’ve got to sell or get rid of them at one point. There goes my savings *poof*

And those i am still holding on includes Nana. Urghh..when is Yazawa sensei going to recover?  I do wonder what is she down with, does anyone else has a clue? Nana may be one of those unfortuncate series that is on hiatus for a longest time. Either I’ve not been reading enough shoujo but I can’t find any series that is angst and more adult enough. Yaoi series, yes, quite a number but definetely not shoujo.  And did I mention why I’m such a sucker for Nana? Yes.. that’s the reason.




Yes.. It’s me checking it works from iPhone :p