Manga Sites on Hiatus

Am depressed..a few of my favourite shoujo and yaoi sites seem to have gone on hiatus or closing down forever.  Not sure whether is it this that is causing everyone in the not so legal industry to be jittery or whether everyone just happens to grow up and become busy with real life.   I kind of miss getting my daily fixes from them, especially when my favourite series are involved. Ouch.



Should i blog? Edit pictures? Sell my stuff? Watch FMA? So many things to do, so little time left.  And just when I”m about to return to work in less than a week’s time, it just makes me want to grab onto anything that i should have done during my maternity leave.

My babymoon period with my 4 month old is almost over. Weep, Cry, I’m gonna miss the time I spent with her, listening to her ‘ah cooooos’ ‘ah pooooos’ ‘wahhhhhh’. Meh >.<