Darker than Black OST – Kuro no Keiyakusha Gekiban


Waiting…waiting…This is one of those rare moments that I have ever waited for an animation soundtrack.  The song that strikes me is the haunting tune at the end of episode 2, supposedly sung by Mai Yamane, as whispered  in the anime community.

Darker than Black Gekiban finally debuted on the 25 Jul 06, done by the famous Yoko Kanno, who apparently did many other famous anime soundtracks  such as Cowboy Bebob, and Ghost in the Shell. I feel like a total noob for not having hear about her before!  

Track List  

  1. GO Dark
  2. HOWLING(TV size) by Abingdon Boys School

  3. ハイヒールラナウェイ (High Heel Runaway)

  4. Tenderly

  5. シド (Shido / Visibility)

  6. Was

  7. Outside 

  8. No Ones Home by 山根麻以 (Mai Yamane)

  9. Guy

  10. ScatCat by 山根麻以 (Mai Yamane)

  11. ケイヤクシャ (Keiyakusha / Contractor)

  12. Shadow

  13. クロ (Kuro / Black)

  14. Deadly Work lyrics by James Wendt

  15. テンタイカンソク (Tentaikansoku / Astronomical Observation)

  16. BlueCat

  17. ツキアカリ (Tsukiakari / Moonlight) TV size ver. by Rie fu)

  18. Water Forest

  19. Blend in lyrics by James Wendt

  20. インのピアノ (In no Piano/Yin’s Piano)    


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