Shin Angyo Onshi

                One of my all-time favourites manhwa Shin Angyo Onshi  – a collaboration between 2 korean manhwakas – Youn In-Wan & Yang Kyung Il.

 Story : In an ancient kingdom of the Far East called Jushin, there were secret agents called Angyo Onshi, or Amen Osa, and with the power imbued in their Mahais, they were able to summon armies of soldiers to their aid.  But Jushin has fallen into ruin. And left only one man – Munsu, to bring justice to the country and to seek the very one man who destroyed everything….Will he be able to bring that man down? What are the chances of winning against a supernatural evil?

              At first glance, I was a bit  put off by the ‘not so handsome’ characters, since I’m rather used to looking at bishies.  However, after the 1st volume, the beautiful artwork just blows me away… I like how the artwork is drawn, it is very detailed…especially when it comes to  monsters & those magical creatures……sharing one of my favourite pictures from the series…either that, or the scanlations are just too well-done!


             The storyline generally talks about the world of good & evil, and how men succumbs to evil at one stage or another.  It is actually quite thought-provoking, especialy after I had read the so many volumes of it, and to me, everything is just a shade of grey.  There is no 100% right or wrong… sometimes i wonder, should they be blamed for joining the darkness.   Hmm….to know what is called the word ‘ good’, you actually need to know what is true evil…Even Munsu’s character at the beginning is dubious…I actually wonder what kind of hero is he when he resorts to dirty tricks.

              This manhwa is interesting as well, since the characters are loosely based on Korea’s folk tales, e.g. the Tale of Hong Gil Dong,  The Legend of Chun Hyang.  There is explanation of the actual fok tales after the end of each series.  Of course, besides the normal action, there is some bits of shoujo mixed in between…Yes, and that is part of the reason why I’m still following this series.

              SAO actually became so big in korea which resulted in it having OVA 2 hour movie  of its own in 2004.  The movie bascially shows the beginning of how Munsu met his sexy Sando, and their adventures in the beginning.


One thought on “Shin Angyo Onshi

  1. Mai says:

    Hi, I discovered your blog through tags 🙂

    I just wanted to say that, wow, your post was really convincing, because I’m downloading the chapters right this moment 😛

    Thanks for the post~

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