Bokura Ga Ita

A quiet read in pain, angst & sorrow. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last week. I came across Bokura Ga Ita. The cover is so misleading…I thought it might be something for young gals, with everything in chibi form (I’m actually avoid those if possible), but since I’m running out of shoujo fix, I just ended up with it.. 

Story : A romance about how Nana and Yano fell in love, but the course of true love never runs smooth.  But was it True Love at all?  A tragic event haunts Yano even when he dated Nana, and despite how Nana swears to be with him forever, she just can’t live with the thought that Yano is still in love or seems to be in love with his dead ex.  As the saying goes, ‘ No living soul can ever replace the memories of the dead’. Nana feels that she’s living in her shadow, while Yano fears that Nana will betray him one day? With another potential suitor as well, will Nana’s feelings be wavered? And With all the insecurities and distrust arising, how will the couple make it through in the end?

         The first thoughts that came to my mind is : Nana?! What? Another soapy tale with the same lead name as NANA? In Bokura Ga Ita, we have 2 Nanas as well – one dead, one alive… I can’t believe it…..does this has something to do with the name?     This reminds me of Parfait Tic, where some parts just make you want to cry, you just have this heartache kind of feelings when you read this.  The flow is so perfect that you’ll just get absorbed in the story.  But the Nana here, is not exactly that wishy washy as Fuuko (Parfait Tic)….  She seems to know what she wants….does she?!  I perfectly love how the story slowly develop from the day they fall in love, fight, and make up.  Everything is done in the slow romantic pace…and the best part is to read how the messed-up relationship seems to go beyond their school days into their working life.  Yes, we even have the chance to see them grown up!     The covers are gorgeous– dreamy space, romantic background, soft touches…all this brings out the mood of this beautiful angst story.  I recommend this to anyone, who finds Nana too heavy, but would like to try out shoujo of a more heart-wrenching style. As much as I like it, I just hope it’ll end really soon. Too much heart-breaking moments in this story  can be bad for a weak heart like mine.



One thought on “Bokura Ga Ita

  1. Tulus says:

    hai. i can not not agree with you about the cover. they are fantasticly heart taker. i am from indonesia, and in my country, the #11 has just been published. yet, i still cant wait for the ending. the story goes complicated. it even makes me wont read it coz its too tragic to read. hhhh, i found it very interesting if they make the dorama. 🙂 have an inspiring reading, friend…

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