Nodame Cantabile Selection CD Book Vol 2


The closest thing to a Nodame Cd that I can find is this….


that comes with a cute pictorial book.

The pictures in here are kawaii…..


The listed masterpieces include:

  1. Berlioz: “Le Carnaval Romain” Ouverture
  2. Ravel : Ma Mere L’Pue-III Pavane de la belle au bois dormant
  3. Stravinsky : Trois mouvements de Petrouchka
  4. Ravel : Jeux d’eau
  5. Poulene : Trio pour piano, hautbois et basson II Andante
  6. Dukas : L’apprenti sorcier
  7. Mozart : Sonate fur Klavier Nr 8. a-moll, KV 310 (300d) – II

       Well,  I guess this only make up a few of the many orchestra pieces mentioned in the manga.  But apparantly , the actual cd compilation  for this series is very popular.  I guess this CD can be another attractive tool for teachers to introduce classical music to the students in a fun way….I’m still trying out the cd…is not like the usual classical pieces I’ve listened too…these pieces are not often heard.             I wish my local stores would import more such Japanese cds over here as well.. ….       


6 thoughts on “Nodame Cantabile Selection CD Book Vol 2

  1. miz says:

    Hiya… noticed your comment in Random Curiosity and then noticed your site also having really nice Nodame pictures.. I’m also doing some write ups of Nodame the series..if you’re interested… I’ll do a friend tracker on your blog, since you also seem to be a like minded Nodame fan.

    Don’t mean to say something.. but it’s not just Omni-san that is writing up of Nodame this series. Google “Nodame Blog” and you’ll find more than one blog out in the net that would blog about this series.

  2. Nami Queen says:

    Hi, Thanks!You’re right – I’m a Nodame Fan..What’s this friend tracker thing?
    Maybe I need to do more googling next time. Saw your blog too. Seems like you’re also writing about Nodame as well! Great!

  3. animemiz49 says:

    True…. hmm friend tracker is a new feature on WordPress.. explore along the dashboard under Friend Surfer.. you’ll see what I mean. I need to spruce up future entries on Nodame a bit more by adding pictures. I have the mp3s of the OP and ED to upload and share though. I try to provide with each of my entries a little something… Maybe by episode 3 or 4. I hope I’m not spoiling it for people, I already warned in my side bar that I’m writing without censoring myself…so read at your own will. >_

  4. Nami Queen says:

    Hey..I’ve left a comment(s) on your blog, not sure whether did it appear in the end. Just want to let u know,I’ve kind of linked up to your blog. Are u fine with it? 🙂

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