Sex=Love 2 by Shinjo Mayu 新条真由

Imagine my secret delight when I see her latest manga for sale!!

Sex=Love 2 is finaly out in this striking Yellow Cover! 

  Buying Shinjo Mayu’s works without thinking twice has become a normal reflex.  This series was first published in the monthly cheese! which mainly publishes slightly mature to smut shoujo series.  Most of Mayu Shinjo’s works is considered smut…and is not meant for 18 and below. Check out the red label sticker across (which says the same thing).

Story for Sex= Love 2

Kumiko, a super rich girl, wants to become a teacher against her dad’s wishes.  So she’ll do anything to prove that she can become a teacher.  So does it mean sacrificing herself in order to teach her sex-crazed student Ryu well? She may get what she wants if she don’t end up being a student of Ryu instead!

       Her other famous works include  Haou Airen,  Kaikan Phase (Sensual Phase)  , Love Celeb, Akuma Na Eros (Virgin Crisis).  Most of them are avaliable in Chinese under Jian Duan , or Chang Hong publishing. 



         There are also a number one-shots by Shinjo Mayu worth checking out too, especially Motto Oshiete, Poisonous Flower, Junai Strip.

         I have read all her previous works and I think that her works are seriously getting better and better! Especially with Love Celeb which is my fav with its good mix of humour, silliness and smut.

           Of course, another new manga that came out recently is Blaue Rosen – published in English and Chinese by Chuangyi and Chang Hong.

       This is a story where the main female lead looks like most of Shinjo Mayu’s male lead and vice versa. ( Note : Dark hair pic is the guy, and the blonde is actually the girl).  Confused? All the more you should check this out! It is about how the ‘Prince’ of the all-girl’s school and the ‘Princess’ of the all-boys school fell in love.  What will happen when these 2 young things fall in love?  There is no rating for this, meaning this volume for now, is definetely suitable for those under 18…

             Isn’t this a great start for 2007?!



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