Bokura Ga Ita

A quiet read in pain, angst & sorrow. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last week. I came across Bokura Ga Ita. The cover is so misleading…I thought it might be something for young gals, with everything in chibi form (I’m actually avoid those if possible), but since I’m running out of shoujo fix, I just ended up with it.. 

Story : A romance about how Nana and Yano fell in love, but the course of true love never runs smooth.  But was it True Love at all?  A tragic event haunts Yano even when he dated Nana, and despite how Nana swears to be with him forever, she just can’t live with the thought that Yano is still in love or seems to be in love with his dead ex.  As the saying goes, ‘ No living soul can ever replace the memories of the dead’. Nana feels that she’s living in her shadow, while Yano fears that Nana will betray him one day? With another potential suitor as well, will Nana’s feelings be wavered? And With all the insecurities and distrust arising, how will the couple make it through in the end?

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Nodame Cantabile Selection CD Book Vol 2


The closest thing to a Nodame Cd that I can find is this….


that comes with a cute pictorial book.

The pictures in here are kawaii…..


The listed masterpieces include:

  1. Berlioz: “Le Carnaval Romain” Ouverture
  2. Ravel : Ma Mere L’Pue-III Pavane de la belle au bois dormant
  3. Stravinsky : Trois mouvements de Petrouchka
  4. Ravel : Jeux d’eau
  5. Poulene : Trio pour piano, hautbois et basson II Andante
  6. Dukas : L’apprenti sorcier
  7. Mozart : Sonate fur Klavier Nr 8. a-moll, KV 310 (300d) – II

       Well,  I guess this only make up a few of the many orchestra pieces mentioned in the manga.  But apparantly , the actual cd compilation  for this series is very popular.  I guess this CD can be another attractive tool for teachers to introduce classical music to the students in a fun way….I’m still trying out the cd…is not like the usual classical pieces I’ve listened too…these pieces are not often heard.             I wish my local stores would import more such Japanese cds over here as well.. ….       

NaNa #65

My monthly feed, which goes without saying NANA Chapter 65 is finally out!                       I’m going to get it & gobble it down! …. ….hmmm..this chapter is goes well with my chocolate at night…I’m glad that i’m not left pulling my hairs out at the end of it …

Watch This Space!

               Back in action after some time off in cyberspace. I’ve decided to actually put in a new Category on the right called WaTch ThIs SpAce. This will basically acts as a mini-rotation and updates of stuff which I thought is interesting. Shall experiment with that space to see how things go. If it goes well, it may end up permanently here.  

Till then..

Sensei! 先生! by Kawahara Kazune


      Sensei! is written by the same author of Koukou Debut.        This is a series that is 20 volumes long, which I came across in my regular manga rental store.  It is about how a high school girl, Hibiki fall for a teacher and how it became a tricky problem(s) as it is not allowed to do so,   and other side plots which include the love stories of her best friends  as well.  A rather straight-forward storyline, with more realistic themes.  Not your regular teacher x student fall in love & happy ever after kind of scenarios.

         I’m amazed at how this series can run into 20 volumes and even more amazed at how I much patience  I have to read through them, as the story seems quite predictable.  There were some silly moments, like miscommunication breakdown, confessions that gone haywire? But the couple to look out for is actually Chigusa and Nagisa.  I think the best romantic scenes in this series is actually by them.

          However, for those who read Koukou Debut and decide to read this…try not to expect too much.  No matter what, it is her first manga.  Hence, the artwork for this is pretty raw….really raw….the lines are not drawn properly and is kind of messy. Even have a bit of a hard time reading the facial expressions.  But the plot keeps it moving… I guess it’s not too bad.  For Kawahara’s early early work, I think is not a bad try.  The artwork kind of pick up after the 9th volume, which makes you see the angst, the happiness of the characters more easily.   I’m kind of worried about those fans who are hooked on Sensei!, as the scanlations are only up to around Vol. 4 (as of Jan 07) & there are 16 more volumes to go…knowing how tedious it takes to translate…I’m not sure how soon will the scans finish.  But one thing for sure, after so many years in the market, I’m sure Sensei! won’t be licensed anytime soon.

          Comparing Sensei! with Koukou Debut, I of course prefer the latter, which is funnier and more wacky, with some delicate moments.  Yoh in Koukou Debut, to me, is still one of the most memorable bishies so far? Don’t you all agree?   The many faces of Yoh dealing with Haruna..

(Nonsense text by me..)

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Sex=Love 2 by Shinjo Mayu 新条真由

Imagine my secret delight when I see her latest manga for sale!!

Sex=Love 2 is finaly out in this striking Yellow Cover! 

  Buying Shinjo Mayu’s works without thinking twice has become a normal reflex.  This series was first published in the monthly cheese! which mainly publishes slightly mature to smut shoujo series.  Most of Mayu Shinjo’s works is considered smut…and is not meant for 18 and below. Check out the red label sticker across (which says the same thing).

Story for Sex= Love 2

Kumiko, a super rich girl, wants to become a teacher against her dad’s wishes.  So she’ll do anything to prove that she can become a teacher.  So does it mean sacrificing herself in order to teach her sex-crazed student Ryu well? She may get what she wants if she don’t end up being a student of Ryu instead!

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