Guess Who?

Don’t she just look super KAwaiIi?!

Any ideas yet?

No prizes for guessing right though.

Clue : Something from ayazaY iA.


8 thoughts on “Guess Who?


    That’s Nana Konatsu’s little girl! Still can’t believe she ended up having a family with that playboy takumi instead of Nobu………………..I haven’t read all the way to the end. Does this series have a happy ending? What becomes of the NANA crew?

  2. bluefire says:

    that is satsuki, daughter of hachi and takumi, but im wondering if takumi becomes fatihful or is hachi with nobu?! i read that latest chapters i could find and their living situations boggle me! >

  3. saug2 says:

    İ want her life for me it is very interesting. To be a wife person like Takumi. İ will allways love Takumi and guys like him :D. Maybe its bad but its joyfull.

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