Nodame Cantabile

“Nodame Nodame Nodame…” 

Weird..this has been happening to me for the last few days…

Have been chanting these words out of nowhere..Am i going mad? 

I guess it’s the subconscious mind that takes control, before I know it, I have strolled into Kinokuniya one afternoon and found myself buying the on-going series Nodame Cantabile by Tomoko Ninomiya! 

Well, it’s not really an impulsive buy, I’ve been reading it and it kind of appeals to me with its various mention of different Classical pieces, and its musical terms.  As a piano student once myself, I can really relate to it.  The struggles that one have to go through for being ‘almost perfect’ for a piece, and there are other students who can’t read notes or tone-deaf and can’t sing accurately.. 

 The Story :  Shinichi Chiaki is an arrogant &  talented top student (in piano & violin)  in the music university, but he dreams of being a conductor one day.  With a fear of flying, he was grounded in Japan and he wonders whether he can reach his dreams one day. After a fight with his teacher, he was being ‘demoted’ to a reject class and became Nodame’s classmate! 

       Nodame or Megumi Noda is a prodigy who can play a whole masterpiece from memory just be listening to it once.  Being a genius, & like all genius, she don’t care about anything else but Music and music, and more music!! (or maybe food?!)  A meeting between the two of them meeting is like a meeting of 2 extreme personalities – one is a neat freak, the other is a dirty slob. Will this lead to disasters? Or more like a Match made in heaven?  

The Manga –The cover for the 1st Volume is so appropriate with Nodame hugging the piano.  After reading the first few volumes, I presume that this manga will basically be made of mini-stories, with a main theme  – that is the growing up process of the 2 main leads with other sub-characters in their search for making better music and in search of themselves.                             

           Was totally tickled by this series, some of the chapters remain firmly etched in my mind – one of them is The Kotatsu Episode .  The ‘amazing’ revelation that Chiki made at the end, just makes me grin sillyly…                    

           The drama series  for this has started showing in Japan and the Nodame Cantabile Anime Series is going to debut in Japan in Jan 07! Yeh!!!  I can hardly wait to see it on Youtube.  

Anyway, more Nodame to come!


One thought on “Nodame Cantabile

  1. Alejandra says:

    I would like to know if u can help me to find some website where i can dowload this manga, in mangatraders are 10 volumes but i haven’t find more than these…u.u
    i fall in love with this story, is so great, funny and all what i want from an anime *-*
    u can watch the anime from u need to be registred, and u can download them too!
    i hope that u answer me!

    bye bye!

    and take care ;D

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