Ergo Proxy

How do I end up with  Ergo Proxy ?

                 I have not been really sitting down in front of the TV and watching anime non-stop for few hours,  for almost a year. The ones that i closely followed was Blood+,  Honey & Clover, Ouran Host Club, Perfect Girl Evolution, and that is only like one episode per week?!

                The first few episodes of Ergo Proxy are quite impressive – dark, gloomy and mysterious.  Animes of this kind always seem to attract reminds me of Blood+, filled with monsters and mystery. In Ergo Proxy, we have the Proxys, the Auto Reivs & a big big Mystery too. 

Story (taken from Wikipedia)

The story initially takes place in a futuristic dome city called Romondeo built to protect its citizens after global environmental apocalypse. In this utopia, humans and androids (AutoReivs) coexist with each other peacefully under a total management system. Behind the scenes, the government is conducting secret experiments on a mysterious creature called the Proxyy, which is believed to hold the key to the survival of mankind.

           The pace seems kind of slow, not sure why, but it don’t really bothers me yet.  I totally love how every thing is revealed to the audience bits and pieces, and not thrown in your face all at once.

The characters are interesting, but mostly of complex behaviours. 

     Auto-Rev Pinto is so so cute!! Totally fall in love with her cuteness! She lightens up this serious anime – sometimes she’s so stubborn, and sometimes she behave like a real robot.  She represents the future of how a Auto-Rev can be like if they are not terminated due to a disease that seems to make them have human behaviour, expression and thoughts.  It makes you wonder, does it make humans a superior race by terminating all these ‘unwanted’ robots?

        I thought Real Mayer looks really cool & hot in the show at the same time!  Sometimes she really acted like a complete bitch with Iggy and especially Vincent, who seems to be so so in love with her, that he is always being bullied by her.

           This show reminds me of a few other animes that I’ve watched previously – Neon Genesis Evangelion  & Witch Hunter Robin.  I thought somehow the characters, looks a bit like Amon from Witch Hunter Robin, am I mistaken?

         Totally love how the way they film it …it’s a Alice in Wonderland style..down the Rabbit hole, and you’re totally lost…. They have moments which remind me of Shinji (from NGE) doing the self-reflection moments, this is the part which can makes me feel like my brain is going to *explode* at some point.   Some episodes don’t really make sense, but when the episodes are good,  they are Really Good!

A few of my favourite episodes –

  • Episode 1 – Awakening
  • Episode 9 – Angell’s Share
  • Episode 12 – Hideout
  • Episode 14 – Ophelia,
  • Episode 16 – busy doing nothing

Oh..and lastly a picture of Vincent too – looking melancholic most of the times.


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