Nana – Latest Chapter 64


Just finished reading the latest chapter of Nana #64…..that is kind of depressing.

Why is it that just reading one chapter of Nana can make me feel such strong emotions?

One of the few things, or maybe The one thing for NOW that really makes me feel like shouting is the relationship between Takumi x Nana x Nobu.  That is one of the most realistic relationships that I don’t ever want to see it in a manga.  Its really too frightening true.

And no matter how many times I swear to keep myself calm after reading Nana, I just can’t do it. I guess Ai Yazawa is just too good, to be able to draw out the audience’s emotions that easily.  You can say…totally messing with our brains just with one chapter… Now even better still, with such emotions stirred up, I’m now left pinning for the next chapter to ‘arrive’ sooon.  Hopeless me…


2 thoughts on “Nana – Latest Chapter 64

  1. Tiff says:

    I know what you mean. I’m a huge fan of Ai Yazawa (I’m unsure of who my fav series of hers… Kagen No Tsuki or Nana). She draws out your emotions so easily. Like when Ren went to Tokyo to play for Trapnest in the second prologue, I was a sobbing mess.
    And I’ve grown more attached to Ren and Nana Osaki as the series has progressed.

  2. Nami Queen says:

    Yes,totally agree. There are really some heartbreaking moments in Nana – esp. the breakup scenes – Hachi & ShoJi, Nana & Yasu, Hachi & Nobu…almost cried when I read this. Hope things end nicely, and not another Paradise Kiss ending.

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