Death Note – The Last Name


Death Note – The Last Name

Is going to be screened here on the 28 Dec 06! !

Great! This is one of the shows I’m looking forward to.  Have already watched the First Deathnote movie in the screens.  I wonder whether will this be as good as the 1st one.  Apparantly, Deathnote is still the #1 in Japan Box Office. This gives me more reason to catch it!

Looking forward to see Misa Misa in action! Her crush on Light really the cause of all troubles.  Even Light, aka Kira,  has a hard time dealing with her, since, a-hem,              she’s equally matched in terms of power.  To deal with someone with such a high IQ, you will need a L.

 I would expect some scenes to be different from the manga, since the first Deathnote movie showed L & Light becoming partners straight away, which wasn’t as straight forward as in the Death Note manga.

They miss out one of the more interesting scenes in the manga where L came very close to Light & actually sat squatting in an exam seat behind Him! Really Un- nerving!  I guess for this round – we’ll be seeing more of how L & Kira try to catch the 2nd ‘Kira’.

 I wonder what it means to have the last name? Will there by any more DeathNote movies after this? Can hardly wait! Will update again!


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