KouKou Debut – New Debut!

             I was so excited during the last 2 weeks….Was actually surfing through the yahoo auctions when I saw some seller posted a ‘KouKou Debut’ manga for sale!  I scrutinise the post…. are my eyes playing tricks?!
 作者:河原和音                                           The kind seller actually referred me to this website www.tongli.tw. It shows a mass release of KouKou Debut Vol 1 to 4 in the month of November!  Yippeee!! Totally way too happy…happily placed an order in my neighbourhood manga store so that I can be one of the firsts to get my first copy on this!   Today is the Day that KouKou Debut debuts in SGP!!             


 Story      Haruna was a softball expert during her middle school.  After getting into high school, she set a new goal for herself – that is to get a boyfriend!  However, being totally clueless about fashion, she just can’t seems to attract anyone.  Here enters Yoh…who’s a fashion expert !  So what is going to happen to Haruna after a series of makeovers??    
              This series is currently on-going up to Vol 6 in Japan.   I’ve bought the first 3 volumes today…and read through the first few chapters of this. I thought the storyline was really wonderful…a tomboy trying to be a girl…How easy can it be? And Yoh is really drawn ‘hot’ in here! The funny moments in the story is well-balanced by some scenes which is quite touching and make me teared.  But there’s some bloops that Haruna made, that really made me cringe..I hope i’ve never make such mistakes before …..Hmm…this series definetely belongs to the same category  of Parfait Tic & Crimson Hero.         

              The mangaka, Kawahara Kazune, has some other series as well.  Being a manga fan, I always did some research before plunging money to buying manga.  Some mangas I’ve read so far are Sensei (20 vols complete),talks about shoujo between teacher x student, student x students etc.  and I’ve only manage to read one volume…it seems very hard to get this in other langauges besides Japanese?        

     The other interesting one-shot collection stories is Ai No Tame Ni .      

            After reading this, it kind of makes me feel like falling in love all over again..oh gosh..

Ok, thou shalt continue with vol 2 and 3 of Koukou debut now.



4 thoughts on “KouKou Debut – New Debut!

  1. Lily says:

    I love this manga too…currently just finished Volume 5…can’t wait for 6…Wooo hoo!!

    O yeh! Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! =)

  2. shii says:

    i really like this manga!
    i stayed up the whole night to read this..
    this is really good. 😀

    i want to buy too.
    i clicked the link, but i can’t understand the language. 😦

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