Honey and Clover (ハチミツとクローバー Hachimitsu to Kurōba)

          Created by Chikia Umino –  the title came about as the mangaka is inspired by these 2 albums – Hachimiitsu by Spitz and Clover by Suga Shikao.   

           Forget about a sweet mix of cocotion…2 spoons of honey and 2 spoons of clover and maybe you’ll end up getting something that is bittersweet … The same can be said of this series…a bittersweet realistic tale of the lives of these best buddies –  Takemoto, Mayama, Morita, Yamada, Hagu – who study in the same art university, live together, fall in love and their search for their true selves – what they want for themselves in the future.  It also offers a glimpse of life views through their eyes.

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Guess Who?

Don’t she just look super KAwaiIi?!

Any ideas yet?

No prizes for guessing right though.

Clue : Something from ayazaY iA.

THE END by Mika Nakashima

What happens if you lunch at a shopping centre?

What WIll Happen if A Shopaholic lunches there?

Well…. you’ll end up buying something – big or small.  Shopaholics should definitely avoid such lunches at all cost if you have a big hole somewhere from the latest sale!

Today’s Venue : Great World Shopping Centre           

 Damage Location : That CD Shop              Damage Done : S$19.90            

Type of Damage : The End by Mika Nakashima 

This is a compilation album of songs sung by Mika Nakashima as punk queen NANA in the movies NANA & NANA 2 .  It consists of the opening songs “ Glamourous Sky”, “Eyes for the Moon” & “Hitoiro”.  Interesting facts are :  the lyrics for these 3 songs are written by the mangaka, Ai Yazawa, herself!  

I’ve bought Glamourous Sky few months back in Aug 06.


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Reflections for 2006

           Every time around this year, I’m always doing this… 

I Did Not :

  • Travel to anywhere (not for work and leisure at all! )

  • Finish any Drama series in one sitting! (just a few episodes here & there)

  • Splurge on any branded bags (no
    Louis Vuitton or Gucci or Prada bags/wallets)

  • Party till I puke badly..or suffer from any alcohol poisoning

I Did :

  • Read & bought a lot of Manga

  • Bought and followed closely with some Anime

  • Started dabbling with a few scanlations

  • Became more vocal and expressing my displeasure with low service standards

  • Officially become an aunty when my cousin gave birth recently (*Congrats*)

  • Checked out some nice wine drinking places (Wine Company  & Wine Network at Dempsey Road, Villa Bali near Alexandra Road, Loof at Odeon Towers near Raffles Hotel) 

  • Discovered new restaurants ( Greenwood Fish Bistro & Market ) and others at Greenwood Avenue.  Totally fall in love with the ambience of the whole stretch, minus the hefty prices for some of them.

    Alright, that sums it up for now.

Nodame Cantabile

“Nodame Nodame Nodame…” 

Weird..this has been happening to me for the last few days…

Have been chanting these words out of nowhere..Am i going mad? 

I guess it’s the subconscious mind that takes control, before I know it, I have strolled into Kinokuniya one afternoon and found myself buying the on-going series Nodame Cantabile by Tomoko Ninomiya! 

Well, it’s not really an impulsive buy, I’ve been reading it and it kind of appeals to me with its various mention of different Classical pieces, and its musical terms.  As a piano student once myself, I can really relate to it.  The struggles that one have to go through for being ‘almost perfect’ for a piece, and there are other students who can’t read notes or tone-deaf and can’t sing accurately.. 

 The Story :  Shinichi Chiaki is an arrogant &  talented top student (in piano & violin)  in the music university, but he dreams of being a conductor one day.  With a fear of flying, he was grounded in Japan and he wonders whether he can reach his dreams one day. After a fight with his teacher, he was being ‘demoted’ to a reject class and became Nodame’s classmate! 

       Nodame or Megumi Noda is a prodigy who can play a whole masterpiece from memory just be listening to it once.  Being a genius, & like all genius, she don’t care about anything else but Music and music, and more music!! (or maybe food?!)  A meeting between the two of them meeting is like a meeting of 2 extreme personalities – one is a neat freak, the other is a dirty slob. Will this lead to disasters? Or more like a Match made in heaven?   Continue reading

Ergo Proxy

How do I end up with  Ergo Proxy ?

                 I have not been really sitting down in front of the TV and watching anime non-stop for few hours,  for almost a year. The ones that i closely followed was Blood+,  Honey & Clover, Ouran Host Club, Perfect Girl Evolution, and that is only like one episode per week?!

                The first few episodes of Ergo Proxy are quite impressive – dark, gloomy and mysterious.  Animes of this kind always seem to attract me..it reminds me of Blood+, filled with monsters and mystery. In Ergo Proxy, we have the Proxys, the Auto Reivs & a big big Mystery too. 

Story (taken from Wikipedia)

The story initially takes place in a futuristic dome city called Romondeo built to protect its citizens after global environmental apocalypse. In this utopia, humans and androids (AutoReivs) coexist with each other peacefully under a total management system. Behind the scenes, the government is conducting secret experiments on a mysterious creature called the Proxyy, which is believed to hold the key to the survival of mankind.

           The pace seems kind of slow, not sure why, but it don’t really bothers me yet.  I totally love how every thing is revealed to the audience bits and pieces, and not thrown in your face all at once.

The characters are interesting, but mostly of complex behaviours. 

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