Changing of Blog?!

This is another result of surfing through the net too often and too much!

Came across an interesting blog by another fellow citizen, was totally impressed by it – the layout and everything. For a messy person like me, who can’t find her stuff, always late, can’t wake up in the mornings for work, losing track of what manga have I read before, etc., I thought wordpress seems impressive.

Decide to ‘migrate’ here without a 2nd thought. The idea of having everything in its like pockets is so tempting.. Maybe i’ll just start exploring this first..before I get distracted to do other stuff 😛 

Let me know what you think of this layout..Arigato!


Forum Madness

Forum MAdness

Has been wondering around so much…not around the shopping malls or whatever, but the cyberspace.

During my recent months of discovering one good manga forum, it kind of lead me to another and another and another.. & before I know it, I’ve registered myself for almost 10 or more manga forums! Is this normal or what?

It seems like each of them offer different stuffs for my needs – shoujo, seinen, shounen. I just realise that the world of manga is too vast.
Without these forums, I would only be exposed to the mangas that I can find in the Kino store here. Of course, due to censorship problems, most of the mangas do not even make it to the shelves for display…pathetic right? So if you’re a newbie, you’ll thought that “Hey, that’s all the Mangas in the world?”

All in all – Arigato to all the owners of those wonderful manga forums!!