Deathnote The Movie デスノート

Deathnote デスノート-

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The Jap show of this year!

The Experience

Deathnote fanatics will identify with these actions :
1) Read the manga
2) Collect the Deathnote Collectables
3) Catch the previews of Deathnote Movie
4) Follow by Deathnote anime

Whats the craze for this? Outsiders cannot never understand.
First they can’t get this correct : L, Kira, Light? who is who??
I thought that is really funny..especially when I tried to explain to people what is the show about.
The local channels have advertised it, or the trailer has presented it as a Horror genre show, which is totally untrue!

Anyway, finally get to see this show in a neighbourhood cinema. It is a full house on a weekday, filled with school kids – mostly secondary students, college students, university students. Totally impressed, isn’t now the exam period? Don’t they need to study? Maybe is the dark side of the show that totally draws us in.

The Movie

The beginning was kind of slow..the pace only starts to pick up when L and the FBI starts to come in to find Raito. For the fans, its like watching what you have read in action – the potato chips, the clues in the letter, the train scene. We can even catch a preview of Misa Misa in the show..or maybe the beginning of Misa? There was some slight deviation in the show from the manga, but it did not derail too much from the nature of the manga, if not i guess i’ll be the one making the most noise in the scene.

L is totally depicted as what he was – squatting on the chair, sloppy, black eye rings, playing with cubes of sugar… OK, i think i almost cringe when there’s this part where he has donuts, pastries on a stick… like lollipop style..Diabetes alert!

The Music

For one movie, to have 3 albums is considered quite a feat! Unless this is common in Japan?!

1) Sound of Deathnote – OST
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Mainly consisting of background music – some of them sounded dark and eerie…perfect for Halloween!!

2) Tribute to Deathnote by various Artistes

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Quite a bit of artistes here – suga shikao, buck tick, m-flo.  The combination is quite good. There’s a lot of rock & roll songs here, that’s very suitable for the movie.  Some songs like Hands by M-For, Diabolo ~Lucifier~ by Buck Tick, and Warera Gomin No Samurai is quite appropriate. My sister was commenting the other day that the Warera Gomin No Samurai sounded really like the songs they played in the funerals here! Especially with the trumpets and all. However, if you listen carefully, there’s this acid jazz portion in the piece, that is just so wonderful!

3) Manatsu no Yoru no Yume – Suga Shikao insert song for the movie.

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Out of these 3 albums, I like Suga Shikao’s album best.  Maybe I’m just biased, cos I’m into his songs right now. His voice is just so unique..hearing him croon..hmmm.
The insert song was appropriately used in one part of the definetely won’t miss it.

 Now..I will sit and relax….

Word has it that Deathnote 2, is showing here in early Dec 06!



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