Its only TALK

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               Part of the 19th International Film Fest…, this won the Best Asian Film Award for 2006.

A Japanese show that talks about a single, umemployed, manic depressiveYuko and her encounters with a university friend, a self-confessed pervert,a manic depressive yuzaka, and her cousin, Sochi.

Sochi came to visit, after leaving his family and being dumped by his lover..& ended up taking care of Yuko.  Sochi is suffering from another form of depression as well….one of the favourite moments in the show was when Yuko discover that the man, Sochi, can actually do housework well.  But why don’t he help out at home at all? Why?!  Mainly it’s due to the fact that he’s depressed at home & don’t feel like doing any of these things…In the end, he leftYuko & return to his family to start life again?!!

Totally can relate to this show.

There are days where i just want to stay in bed, stay in the room & do nothing..even when there are letters waiting to be opened, piano to be practiced, books to be read, you just don’t feel like doing anything…just stoning there..

waiting for time to pass, waiting waiting waiting….its not as if something traumatic has happened.. i believe its the place…like Sochi..stuck in a place that you can’t do much, – can’t do this, can’t do that… every movement bound by that ‘unseen’ force…makes you wonder…should this kind of feelings be just brush outside? should i seek help? or does it goes away with time? how much ‘life’ do you feel in the end…

Read about it more at Midnight Eye reviews or 25th San Franciso International Asian Amerian Film Festival 2007


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