The Old Fear

What constitutes this old fear?

Gatherings was supposed to be fun.  I have always look forward to it,gossiping, catching up with the latest development.

Recently, a few gatherings have become dreadful, when people you don’t like will be there. It’s like going for wedding dinners, & people asking when’s your turn?! Maybe I should try this fool-proof way of replying ” when’s your turn to go? “

This particular irritating girlfriend of mine, besides wanting to know the latest updates in your, is actually just looking for a way to put you down, or to boast that she’s doing better than you?

As usual, this fear translates into another form : nightmares or dreams for the past few (4) nights. For me to have dreams is really really rare. further recollection of the past reminds me that i always dream before meeting her…(almost without fail)..maybe this is the subconscious mind reacting to fear….

maybe after meeting her today…i’ll finally have a good zzzz..wish me luck .


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