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The beginning of Nana – narrates the story of 2 girls, a punk queen singer and a passive aimless girl who share the same name ‘Nana’…..the strong bonds & love between them – that is so close to lesbianism, is so hard to understand sometimes..and how their friendship survives all the complications in life…and their love encounters,.the difficulties & heartpains in life.The way Ai Yazawa (the mangaka) writes the story, is almost similar in style to ‘Crying Out Love In the Center of The World’. totally done in a beautiful narrative manner…..each chapter starts offwith a view of the past… ” Do you remember, Nana, when we first met, i believe its fate”.

it comprises of both Nana & Hachi (Nana No. 2)’s views of their whole encounters…how it all begun…and the way the narration goes, you just have this nagging feeling that this is a tragedy that has just begun..or is it merely speculation on my part?!Ai Yazawa’s works are kind of depressing sometimes, but they are really realistic, depicts true encounters in life….For Nana, i thought this is her most daring work so far…has some really twisted & dark ideas -depression, suicides, paedophiles, drug abuse…?
NANA is running 15 volumes and on-going.. due to its popularity,NANA moive was recently shown in Japan last year. Quite hot over in Japan as it starrs real-life popular singer, Mika Nakashima, who acted the role of punk queen Nana. (attach pic). Apparently Nana sequel is in the plans as well and now the anime has just started too.I thought this is a good read for those, who are tired of reading fanciful books & manga..It reminds me of how your close girlfriends will be with you, no matter what ups and downs you have… p.s. not meant to be read by kids under 18 šŸ˜›


The Old Fear

What constitutes this old fear?

Gatherings was supposed to be fun.Ā  I have always look forward to it,gossiping, catching up with the latest development.

Recently,Ā a few gatheringsĀ haveĀ become dreadful, when people you don’t like will be there. It’s like going for wedding dinners, & people askingĀ when’s your turn?! Maybe I should try this fool-proof way of replying ” when’s your turn to go? “

This particular irritating girlfriend of mine, besides wanting to know the latest updates in your, is actually just looking for a way to put you down, or to boast that she’s doing better than you?

As usual, this fear translates into another form : nightmares or dreams for the past few (4) nights. For me to have dreams is really really rare. further recollection of the past reminds me that i always dream before meeting her…(almost without fail)..maybe this is the subconscious mind reacting to fear….

maybe after meeting her today…i’ll finally have a good zzzz..wish me luck .