Constant Gardener – A Case of Undying LOve

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Constant Gardener – A case of undying love?

Finally caught this oscar nominated show over the weekend..

The biggest draw-factor is none other than Ralph Finenes. This bittersweet actor has got my attention for his memorable roles in ‘TheEnglish Patient’, ‘The End of The Affair’. His eyes seem to convey those despondent moments without fail…like Tony Leung in ‘The Mood for Love’.

Summary : Constant Gardener is about a guy looking for answers to his wife’s death.everything in this movie is a mystery. There is the political  world involved, the local prejudice, etc.

After this, we’ll be left wondering why does such things happen in other parts of the world?  why would people have this kind of marriage? why would someone die for fighting justice? why is there so much unfairness in the world?

This is a really dark depressing movie.. I end up feeling kind of useless at the end of the show, knowing that things like this is still undergoing in other parts ofthe world…Life is cheap, they say.

As for romance factor, the English Patient still wins hands down. However,comparing this with Brokeback Mountain & Syriana in the Oscar Nomination 2006, I thought this show is a really  beautiful masterpiece.


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