The Making Of A Bookworm

The making of a bookworm…

Was actually out for lunch one day – when the lure of the neighbourhood library seems to beckon me. ended up with ‘Marrying Buddha’, ‘The Diva Wears Prada’, ‘Watermelon’,could have more if not for the limit on one card. Borrowing books is like shopping without paying.

Managed to complete ‘Marrying Buddha’ by china author, Wei Hui, who’swell-known for her controversial book ‘Shanghai Baby’ – which was banned inChina, for whatever sensitive issues it had. Remembered reading ‘ShanghaiBaby’ once, but guess it din leave much of an impression since i can’tremember any of its contents. Guess ‘Marrying Buddha’ was kind of similar – a girl looking for love in New York & all the SATC experience – not explicit, still a bit obscure & vague, as if its written for specific conservative audience. Of course, certain parts of the story is quite interesting, esp the one on the jade in the shape of the egg – thou shalt not disclose further here thou. At first i thought i’m reading one of my gf’s regular emails to us in the past…there’s also some interesting excerpts taken from well-known philosophers like’Lao Tze’, from movies or books like ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’…

well, with one down, left 3 or 4 to go, including one lent by a friend. Ifyou are reading this, pardon my slowness, will try to finish your book byend Feb!



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