Ikoi Vs Hanabi

Valentine’s Day started with a 3-some lunch at Ikoi Restaurant @ Miramar Hotel (off Havelock Road)

Spur of a moment – decided to eat at Ikoi for lunch. No surprise, it was fully booked as usual.
So ended up sitting at the bar..  What a waste, there was no kawaii chef to drool at. 

So I ended up having full concentration on the food instead – chawamushi, sashimi, ebi tempura…all my favourtive, & sushi is nothing without Sake.  Of course, some wise ‘ass’ in the group ordered Hot Sake in such a hot weather?! Well, it’s my 1st time trying sake, just thought it taste like volka, thought it’ll taste better if it’s cooler ;D

         Next stop, next day – ended up at Hanabi Restaurant @ Odeon Towers (near City Hall). The range is not as expansive as Ikoi.  Besides sashimi,everything comes with something else, such as ebi tempura comes with veggie tempura.This is certainly a drawback for me since i’m kind of anti-veggie. And the Soft-shell crab comes with rice…er…how does one eat buffet if i’ve to stuff myself with rice? But my friends are commenting, that only Hanabi serves grilled fish,chicken etc.  Maybe they’re right, but seriously, I can’t imagine eating cooked food, or chicken in a Jap restaurant (= personal prejudice, i know)      

As my favourite motto goes, since in jap restuarant, must do what the Jap do! – have some Sake of course!  First, we have a disappointing 14% sake, hence decided to try something else. We ended up choosing a ladies’ drink called ‘mei jiu’, otherwise known as plum juice .  This is a ladies ladies drink served in a bottle equivalent to a 250ml small sized evian, with large bottle of water, with lemon slices, plums & ice at the side. What’s that for? mixing??! Cos there’s  no indication of any % on the bottle thou.     The ‘ya ya’ factor in us- decided to try this MeiJiu plain without any mix!! Whoooaaa! Big Mistake!! It is 40% strong !!!  With a potential ‘red’ flags hanging over our heads,  we ended up mixing everything in.. We have totally underestimated the power of a small potent drink  called ‘Ichiigo‘  (* not strawberry). If we have it plained and not stirred, we would have been knocked out cold.



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