Crying out LOve In the center Of the World


One of the few Japanese Drama that I finally have the patience to sat down and watch.

Crying Out Love in the Center of the World  is one of the Japanese series of this year – that is a must watch.  It has won quite a number of Tv awards in Japan, and is  quite hyped show over there. I finally caught this on SCV Ch 56 few weeks ago. 

A heart wrenching drama which talks about a present 34 yr old Matsumoto reminisince on his past and the loss of his true love Hirose Akira in high school 17 years ago……….   Each episode started off with him looking back into the past and wondering how to move on.  This drama is almost similar to the ‘tear jerking’ korean drama series shown recently.  It’s quite rare to see Jap drama with such storyline, except a few.  

 The series has such nice ‘pictography’ on the scenary – the view of the sea, villages by the sea, riding a bike by the sea, the feeling of eating at the food stall…The directing style here is really beautiful.  It seems like a lot of attention has been  put into all this minor details instead of just the storyline.

Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World… was adapted from a bestselling book in Japan called Sekai No ChuShin De, Ai O Sakebu

Apparantly, it gained instant popularity after a Japanese actress read this and recommended it to the masses.

 My sister has gotten a copy of the CHinese version for this, and I wonder which is better – the drama series, or the book? This is also avaliable in English ‘Socrates in Love’ by



 Kyoicho Katayama,  published by Viz Media.




Besides this, there’s a movie version


 Now.. we’re really just so spoilt for choices, aren’t we?


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