Totally ‘dazed’ out after New YEar!!

Suddenly this month just kind of passed by so fast.My thoughts were like flying all over the place..can’t seem to focus!! can’t get hold of all these nitty gritty stuff that is flying all over my head!!! it became so bad that my concentration is like only 40% for normal day! (if i’m lucky).

was just having waffles with my gf the other day when she commented that she’s 30 this yr! oh great!! 😦 time really flies..when i first knew her, i’m like only 22? oh gosh… the point is i don’t really feel i’m aging mentally…more like a physical thing, that’s all..& i can’t bear to give up certain ‘kiddy’ stuff in me…i know..

Anyway, in the meantime, to those who’re reading this, pls bear with me for the time being.



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