Peering thru the Mirror

Peering Thru the Mirror – Reflections II

witness some breakups and get-togethers this year…there’s nothing special in this..but some of the relationships are questionable..thou shalt notcomment much..Just wondering why would people want to be together with someone else, when they know deep inside them that things won’t work out..& why some of us don’t make a clean cut of everything. a normal relationship itself is already so complicated, why worsen it by dating someone with so much strings attached?

also witness the ugly side of the human heart… . Jealousy is really really ugly.Have never known it can be so terrible..first it drives your friends away, makes you look really really bad.. makes me want to turn my face away & deny even ever knowing this person. jealousy = envy = destruction? Not sincerely wishing other people’s well-being..what kind of friendship do you want to have? if that can boost your ego, please go ahead & have fun. everything comes with a price & retribution will come in full swing before you can even realise it…that’s what i think …



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