Crying out LOve In the center Of the World


One of the few Japanese Drama that I finally have the patience to sat down and watch.

Crying Out Love in the Center of the World  is one of the Japanese series of this year – that is a must watch.  It has won quite a number of Tv awards in Japan, and is  quite hyped show over there. I finally caught this on SCV Ch 56 few weeks ago. 

A heart wrenching drama which talks about a present 34 yr old Matsumoto reminisince on his past and the loss of his true love Hirose Akira in high school 17 years ago……….   Each episode started off with him looking back into the past and wondering how to move on.  This drama is almost similar to the ‘tear jerking’ korean drama series shown recently.  It’s quite rare to see Jap drama with such storyline, except a few.  

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My Chinese New YEar

My Chinese New YEar..

Another festive feast all you can…mandarin oranges, bwa gwa, crispy cuttlefish…in the most official ways…There’s no way to say no to food.

for me…is just a great way to rest at home..peaceful..sleep late till the sun is way Up in the sky! wake net…read mangas…watch anime…read trash novels..bliss 😀

been so busy doing dinners & gatherings with friends (friends back from overseas, friends leaving)…totally washed out mentally & financially…that also partly explains the absence from blog.

with all the shops closed during this period (aka no shopping), i suppose this will be a good time to rest & catch up on all the lost energy!



Totally ‘dazed’ out after New YEar!!

Suddenly this month just kind of passed by so fast.My thoughts were like flying all over the place..can’t seem to focus!! can’t get hold of all these nitty gritty stuff that is flying all over my head!!! it became so bad that my concentration is like only 40% for normal day! (if i’m lucky).

was just having waffles with my gf the other day when she commented that she’s 30 this yr! oh great!! 😦 time really flies..when i first knew her, i’m like only 22? oh gosh… the point is i don’t really feel i’m aging mentally…more like a physical thing, that’s all..& i can’t bear to give up certain ‘kiddy’ stuff in me…i know..

Anyway, in the meantime, to those who’re reading this, pls bear with me for the time being.


Rain Rain Rain


I’m definetely Not talking about the Korean Star ‘Rain’ here. THose who knows me, knows i’m not a korean drama series fan…i still remain faithful to the Jap culture.Rainy season brings out the worst in me.. Been raining over here for 5 days…heavy rain (whole day in fact).

  • Don’t feel like waking up early.
  • Don’t feel like going to work ..Let’s throw away that damn alarm clock!
  • Don’t feel like stepping out of the house.. not for shopping, not for coffee…not for ANYTHING…
  • The coldness really gets to me..even caught myself thinking : “Should i bath?!!! Should i wash my hair??!!”
  • Just feeling like cuddling in bed with my warm blanket with a good series of manga!!!


What’s your NEw YEar Resolutions

What’s YouR NeW Year Resolutions?

Or… are you guys having none again? My resolution for each & every year is the same…that is to save money & more of it.Yes, i know i know, resolutions are meant to be broken.But i thought it’s good to have a resolution each year. like having atarget to meet each year. if not, this year will be the same as last year and the year before & after- no difference at all..& at the end of the year, we can laugh at ourselves for breaking our resolutions once again.


Peering thru the Mirror

Peering Thru the Mirror – Reflections II

witness some breakups and get-togethers this year…there’s nothing special in this..but some of the relationships are questionable..thou shalt notcomment much..Just wondering why would people want to be together with someone else, when they know deep inside them that things won’t work out..& why some of us don’t make a clean cut of everything. a normal relationship itself is already so complicated, why worsen it by dating someone with so much strings attached?

also witness the ugly side of the human heart… . Jealousy is really really ugly.Have never known it can be so terrible..first it drives your friends away, makes you look really really bad.. makes me want to turn my face away & deny even ever knowing this person. jealousy = envy = destruction? Not sincerely wishing other people’s well-being..what kind of friendship do you want to have? if that can boost your ego, please go ahead & have fun. everything comes with a price & retribution will come in full swing before you can even realise it…that’s what i think …