What are Ya doing on NEw YEar’s Eve??!

What are Ya doing on New YEar’s Eve??!
This is THE sentence that’s been hanging out of everyone’s mouth at this period…the same sentence that never seems to change througout these years.. Just a matter of who’s asking.
This year passed extremely fast…faster than i can count how much money i spent!
i don’t have any plans this year, not much at the moment..Gone were the days..where i looked forward to spend Countdown with friends – in whatever state we are – sober/knock out/puky etc. Maybe as the more countdowns i do, the nearer i am to the 3 0 figure? or maybe my friends have passed the 30 yr stage, & they’ve toned down a lot..no energy to qiong, that’s what they say. Now, all of us prefer somewhere quiet to chill out. That’s the magic word – chill out.
No matter what options we choose, we’ll still be stuck in the mad crowd disease….as everybody is out there to do their own countdown – a countdown to the end of a bad year, or a countdown to a better year?!


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