Do i need to do this? what have i done? seriously….nothing much?!This year…flew by in a blur blur blur stage..but the things i can recall so far..

First, you have the regular drinks sessions with your girlfriend, one in particular, not that i’m complaining..but too much of it…u know, is just Too much!!! 😛 Is not about her, her company is great!! It’s just the place.

Next, you have the anime/manga chase…just a few sessions of this anime ‘Inuyasha’ got me hooked onto the anime craze. There’s a whole world out there of anime.. you realise there’s so much other serious & better anime out there, like ‘Bleach’, ‘Full Metal Alchemists’, depressing ones like ‘Neon Genesis’, ‘Fruits Basket’ & silly ones that make you want to throw shoes @ the tv – like ‘Fushigi Yuugi’. Recent outings with friends, realise i’ve got other grown-up friends who’re anime addicts as well..! & I thought i’m the only one…that’s living in the shadows.

Thirdly, did a bit of jet-setting lifestyle – for work & leisure. Seems to achieve quite a bit here – geneva, brussels, brugge, paris, madrid, jakarta (yucks!)…the rest of the places were good thou!
adapting to the weather & food…these places have so much more to offer than our sunny island SGP here! can afford to dabble in the different types of clothing…ha.

Seems like life has slowly evolve into another kind – hen’s nights, weddings, baby showers! OMG…din realise until someone in her 40s say : “wa..such a aunty lifestyle you have!!” So ironic right?! But then, its good that some of us has moved to another stage…& in good condition too!


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