New Diary for New Year

A New Diary

Gone were the days where all appointments are made in the once-popular Palm.
Used to have the Palm Zire …was the ‘in’ thing then. After a few years of using it, there’s something missing..
Writing & doodling something by hand in a diary than in a palm just felt so different.
Yes, it was useful by putting a password on it to prevent unathorised access.. but that was it – nothing more.

Din really use the palm much in the end except for these purposes:

  • making appointments
  • making short notes
  • gossiping in a meeting (by using the Notepad)
  • taking pictures

The decision to go back to the primitive age of jotting down every thoughts & appointments, was accelerated by this catalyst : the diary under the Studio Ghibli collection – “My Neighbout Totoro” -“Long Mao” a mystical creature in the forest.

This is a must have for me…with nice demin jacket & cool pictures.

In case you don’t know…Studio Ghibli has a series of great animation movies – most recent years “Howl’s Moving Castle”, “Spirited Away”, my all-time fav ” Princess Monokoke”.. Now that is something i really want to have..


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