ManGo – Costs & Effects

MANGO – Co$t & EffEct$

As a self-declared die-hard Mango sale Fan (of few years’ status), have gladly took leave to join in the MangO binnually sale..!

Co$T & EffEct$

  1. Waking up earlier than usual in the morning
  2. Got a hole in the pocket, as expected ( but not as bad as previous years!)
  3. Got really bad foot-ache/sole ache, due to wearing High Heel shoes (aka WRONG TYPE) of shoes ..somebody slap my face pleeessssssssse..
  4. FOUR Coffee Sessions, due to bad shoes again! 1st coffee session started just right after only ONE mango store..(poor stamina)
  5. Cab Fare – Too much Stuff too carry + bad foot ache
  6. Mentally Stress out – too much stuff to buy, but too little money! (sob..sob..)
  7. Feet Ache that resulted not even able to WALK at home!

Conclusion : sale was still kind of worth it…but not as great as previous sales. Learnt my lesson, next time wear slippers or proper shoes. But on the other hand..thought is a good thing to have coffee out in the Cafes on a weekday morning when you’re supposed to be working!!


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