The Sale I’ve been waiting for iS Finally Here!

Tomorrow’s the day..where I’ll be squeezing with whole loads of other MangO ‘Siao'(translate: Crazy) gals out there in the stores.
Remember the last few sales…that was complete madness..squeeze squeeze squeeze!!!! The 1st sale was actually came out in the news …considering it a ‘rare’ sight in the period of economy downturn then with retrenchments everywhere. Women are actually squeezing through the narrow stores just to grab the items…Sometimes, it feels like almost all the whole SGP female society is down there.

In case, you don’t know..i’ll be on leave for the Sale. Yes!!!! can or not? 😛

My friends wondered why i would want to take leave for such a sale! but somehow, after some time, they finally figured out why. Try showing up in the stores after 3 days, & you’re practically left with the not-so-attractive items. …oooooh…heart pain ok!

Anyway, I’ll be there to catch a bit of action!

if you see me busying away & ignoring you…Hey! pardon ME! I need to put 100% concentration to GRAB my fav items!


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