Saturday NighT Fever

Was scheduled for a full day work on a Saturday.
Majorly upset! Can’t believe it…that means I left with only 1 poor sunday to rest!!
Decide to fully utilise the night…went on a christmas shopping spree!
(Great for those who’ll be receiving for me yah?!)

Decided to check out the ‘permanent’ eyeliner by Anna Sui.
Can you imagine, this eyeliner actually stayed on like a permanent marker on my friend’s face till the next 1 neat line..after a HEN’s NIGHT out!!                                   was totally impressed…this eyeliner must have some ‘ingredients’ as close to a ‘marker’.

In the end..was so enticed by the freebies – the cute organiser. I ended up buying the marker..oops, THE EYELINER, blue mascara, & shiny turqoise nail polish..Hey, this is the party season..isnt’ that justifiable to buy such cute staff?
Damage Summary


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