Star Gazing?!

Thanks to my friend in media, was actually asked to go for the

10th Annual Asian Television awards..
Was really kind of excited in the beginning… thought can finally ‘rub’ shoulders with stars.
Chey..ended up more like rub my arm…Some of the local stars, are either too skinny or too short in real-life. Ok, maybe that’s y they look good on TV, cos of the extra inches tv put on them, but i really can’t believe that a few of them are so so so short….Hey Hey, it’s not that I’m not supportive of local stars or whatever, its just that i HARDLY ever watch a local show, not even drama series ok..But a few(rare few) local stars, in fact really carry themselves well,..Zoe Tay & Diana Ser looks good!
There’re a few korean stars, but shit…I don’t know who they are, but the guy is quite cute (small eyes as usual)..
Stretch my neck more to glimpse for jap stars, but sob..sob..din manage to see any.

but the best part of that night was…
haha…skipping the ceremony halfway!! this is great..reminds me of schooldays when u skip school & go for coffee 😀


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