Lust for the New PinK

The To-Die-For Fuschia Pink Phone!!

Drooled over it day & night.

Dreamt about it even!

Can’t wait to get one!



Black Moon Rising

Black Moon Rising

          Current fav! Another Bleach volume by Kubo Tite! Seriously..the titles seems to have been getting better and better!

      Have been waiting for this volume No. 19 for so so long….it has only been 2 months but felt like ages.  This is Finally out Yesterday for SAle! Of course the KS side of me can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

     The best part about this issue is that it has 20 full COLOURED pages. Heloooo…can anyone tell me how many manga books actually have a complete chapter of coloured pages?!

    Arigato to Chuangyi Publishing for keeping to original JAP intention!  (Seems like the Japanese version of this has full coloured pages too)

In the Beginning…

The Beginning

ok..i admit : I’m a copy cat… but the thought of creating an on-line diary..just kind of give me the thrills.

After a few rounds, realise i’m not good in IT at all.. still figuring how to do the nice nice set-up that I’ve seen on other people’s blogs..guess i’ve got a long way to go man!! HELP!!!
If you see the website still as empty as before, it’s either i’ve given up or too busy to try 😀